Application Process

We are excited about your interest in Illuminate Academy!

Illuminate Academy is open to learners in grades K-12th and our Little Lights, early intervention program, is open to learners ages 3-5.

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Please know in the best interest of our learners and our symbiotic learning community, not all applicants will be appropriate for our 2016-2017 program. We encourage you to contact us directly if you are questioning whether or not to apply at

*Please note: Illuminate Academy is a homeschool tutorial program and all enrolled students of our program must register with an umbrella school or with their local education agency.

There are three steps to being successfully accepted into our program. They are as follows:


Upon completion and receipt of a complete application packet with related materials, all families will be contacted to set up their family interview. Following the family interview, families will be notified no later than 10 business days as to the status of their acceptance.


All students who enter Illuminate Academy will receive educational testing and a personalized learning agreement that is developed collaboratively by students, parents, and Illuminate Academy staff. Our student-teacher ratio is no larger than 4:1.

Upon acceptance, each family is required to register with a local umbrella school or their local education association. Below is a partial list of programs to choose from. For further information on this and other homeschooling legal issues, please refer to the Middle Tennessee Home Education Association website: